You're an aerial firefighter and you want to help Mr.Bernt get to his cabin... alive! Do so by using the four elements to extinguish - and start - fires! Make sure you don't let the cabin burn down as that would kinda defeat the point...

Controls: Z to grab/release things. X to idle (skip a turn). Arrows to move. Each button press counts for one turn.

Mr.Bernt will move towards his cabin once there is a path. Make sure he does not walk past a fire as his highly flammable clothes will cause a problem!

You can fast-forward (Z) or skip (X) the dialog before the levels.

This game is still in development - more levels coming soon!

edit: added 5 levels! And music! You can play the original version here!

edit2: added a level editor! check it out here!

Kill fire with water...

...or with a rock.

Sometimes you need to start a fire!

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